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The term “intellectual property” refers to creations of the mind that can be protected by law. Among the traditional categories of IP are copyright, trademark and trade secret law. Copyright protects works of authorship and other creative works. Patent law protects inventions and discoveries. Trademark law protects the identifiers your customers associate with your brand, like brand names, logos and slogans. Trade secrets protect confidential business information. A related practice is called technology law. Technology law addresses challenging issues involving security and privacy that emerge when new technologies are introduced into society. Additionally, intellectual property law can touch on the wide variety of ways you interact with your customers ranging from advertising and social media to product packaging.

Regardless of which area of law applies, we work closely with every client to design the best possible strategy for obtaining the right balance of protection using the most appropriate legal tools available.

Our clients come from all levels of business, from large corporations with thousands of intellectual property assets to individuals with clever new ideas. Whether you are large or small, we can almost always find ways to protect your valuable resources.

Protorae Law’s Intellectual Property and Technology Law practice includes Copyright, Patent, and  Trademark services, along with counseling for Data Privacy, Trade Secrets and IP Litigation. Our IP practice has over 25 years of experience providing tangible value to our clients.

Because intellectual property is an integral part of today’s complex businesses, we like to take a proactive, collaborative, and strategic approach with each client. The more we know about business plans and goals, the better we can anticipate and avoid intellectual property issues before they grow into significant problems that divert valuable resources from core business needs. Our integrative approach also guides us naturally to recommend creative solutions that match our client’s goals as well as their budgets.

Our team is always ready for a challenge. We enjoy helping our clients navigate the legal landscape and realize their dreams. We guide clients to identify protectable intellectual property assets and then act as a strategic business advisor to help develop, grow, and protect those assets.

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