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Business Litigation

If you are involved in or anticipate a dispute with your business’s other shareholders, members or partners that may require a split-up of the company or a buyout of one or more of the company’s equity holders, we can offer you our substantial experience and legal skills in such matters. There is no substitute for experience in handling such disputes.

Our team of business attorneys and litigators have worked together extensively to take care of clients in many matters of this nature. We have found that each of these situations is unique in the facts involved and the parties’ objectives and personalities. Given the fluidity of these cases, judgment is at a premium if you are to achieve a successful result. We can help you understand your points of leverage, both in business and the law, as well as your risks.

At Protorae Law, we are grounded in corporate, LLC and partnership law; fiduciary duty law; contract law; employment law; and available remedies. We have persuasive negotiation skills that we will use to deploy these laws to your benefit. Our attorneys also have the financial analysis skills useful for effective communication with the accountants and due diligence consultants who are often on the team representing you.

The most successful representation is achieved when litigators and corporate attorneys collaborate to advise you of the prospects, risks and potential costs should the matter proceed to litigation or arbitration. We can help you understand the range of potential results you could achieve in arbitration or litigation so you can make effective decisions as to your ongoing negotiating positions, objectives, and strategy.

The experience of our team of litigators will impress upon your opposing parties that litigation is a realistic prospect, if a negotiated resolution is not reached. Having a strong litigation team behind you can benefit your negotiating position.

Our offerings are as follows:

  • Strategy development, counseling, and representation in disputes between shareholders, members and partners;
  • Fiduciary duty counseling in disputed company split-up matters;
  • Reorganizations, buyouts, and dissolutions in disputed company divorce matters;
  • Representation of individual shareholders, members, and partners, and group representation as appropriate;
  • Mediation and negotiation of settlement agreements in disputed company break-up matters;
  • Arbitration, litigation, injunctions, and restraining orders in federal and state courts in disputed company divorce matters; and
  • Taking cases to trial.

While we represent individual parties or groups of parties in many instances, we are also retained in disputes to represent the interests of the company itself, or to facilitate negotiations between the opposing parties. We can team with your general counsel or your company attorney or firm to assist.

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